The Sun Terms (Chapter 9)

The Sun Terms (Chapter 9) - The Sun Terms 1. Star- A...

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The Sun Terms 1. Star - A glowing ball of gas held together by its own gravity and powered by nuclear fusion in its core. 2. Photosphere - The visible surface of the Sun, lying just above the uppermost layer of the Sun’s interior, and just below the Chromosphere. 3. Chromosphere - The sun’s lower atmosphere, lying just above he visible atmosphere. 4. Transition Zone - The region of rapid temperature increases that separates the Sun’s Chromosphere from the corona. 5. Corona - The tenuous outer atmosphere of the sun, which lies just above the Chromosphere and at great distances, turns into the solar wind. 6. Solar wind - An outward flow of fast moving charged particles from the sun. 7. Convection Zone - Region of the Sun’s interior lying just below the surface where the material of the sun is in constant convection motion. This region extends into the solar interior to a depth of about 20,000 km. 8. Radiation Zone - Region of the electromagnetic spectrum corresponding to radiation of the longest wavelengths. 9. Core - The central region of Earth, surrounded by the mantle. The Central region of any planet or star. 10. Solar Constant - The amount of solar energy reaching earth per unit area per unit time, approximately 1400 W/meters squared. 11. Luminosity - One of the basic properties used to characterized stars, luminosity is defined as the total energy radiated by star each second, at all wavelengths. 12.
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The Sun Terms (Chapter 9) - The Sun Terms 1. Star- A...

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