The Jovian Planets Terms (Chapter 7)

The Jovian Planets Terms (Chapter 7) - the plane’s...

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The Jovian Planets Terms (Chapter 7) 1. Differential Rotation - The tendency for a gaseous sphere, such as a Jovian planet or the sun, to rotate at a different rate at the equator than at the poles. More generally, a condition where the angular speed varies with location within an object. 2. Great Red Spot - A large, high-pressure, long lived storm system visible in the atmosphere of Jupiter. The red spot is roughly twice the size of Earth. 3. Zonal Flow - Alternating regions of westward and eastward flow, roughly symmetrical about the equator of Jupiter, associated with the belts and zones in
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Unformatted text preview: the plane’s atmosphere. 4. White Ovals- Light colored region near the great red spot in Jupiter's atmosphere. Like the red spot, such regions are apparently rotating storm systems. 5. Brown Oval- Feature of Jupiter's atmosphere that appears only at latitudes near 20 degrees N, this structure is a long lived hole in the clouds that allows us to look down into Jupiter’s lower atmosphere. 6. Great Dark Spot- Prominent storm system in the atmosphere of Neptune observed by voyager 2 near the equator of the planet. The system was comparable in size to earth....
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