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Unformatted text preview: Physics Department Northeastern Illinois University Physics 206 Quiz # 9 Name ___________________________________________________________Date______________ 1. An object (object #1) of mass M is attached to a spring with spring constant k. The other end of the spring is attached to a rigid wall. A second object (object #2) of mass M is attached to two springs (one on each side of the object), each with a spring constant of k/2 (the other ends of the springs are attached to rigid walls). Each object is displaced and let go, causing harmonic motion. How does the frequency of oscillation of object #1 compare to that of object #2? (Show your work) 2. A child on a swing-set swings back and forth. If the length of the supporting cables for the swing is 3.9m what is the period of oscillation? (Show your work) 3. A 2.15 kg damped harmonic oscillator has an angular oscillation frequency of 0.261 rad/s If the maximum displacement of 2.0m occurs when t=0.0s and the damping constant is 0.74kg/s what is the object's displacement when t=4.01s? (Show your work) 4. If the frequency of a harmonic oscillator doubles, by what factor does the maximum value of acceleration change? (show your work) 5. The period of a simple pendulum in a grandfather clock on another planet is 1.67s. What is the acceleration due to gravity on this planet? Assume that the length of the pendulum is 1.0 m. (show your work) 6. A thermometer flashes the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit along with the time. If it flashes -4oF what will the thermometer flash in Celsius? (Show your work) 7. The diagram shows a PV diagram for 9.5 g of oxygen gas in a sealed container. The temperature of state 1 is 80oC. What are the temperatures T3, and T4? (show your work) p 2 2.0p1 1.5p1 1.0p1 0.5p1 0 0 50 100 150 3 1 V (cm3) 4 8. Suppose an ideal gas is in a container 1.0L in volume and allowed to expand by having a piston move. The final volume after the piston moves is 13.0L. If the gas is originally at a pressure of 47,000 Pa and a temperature of 300.0K, and the temperature is maintained, what will be the new pressure? (show your work) 9. A person reading a European newspaper find...