Study Question Answers-Midterm 1

Study Question Answers-Midterm 1 - Glassman “Illogical...

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Econ 340 Study Question Answers Bivens: “Marketing the Gains From Trade” Blustein: “Global Trade Talks: The Doha Disaster” Borjas: “Economic Progress of Immigrants” Bradford: “Global Economic Convergence” Center for Global Development: “Global Trade and Development” Deardorff: “Overview of the WTO” Deardorff: “Introduction to Comparative Advantage” Deardorff and Stern: “Globalization and the WTO” Eiras: “The US No longer Champion of Economic Freedom” Eldredge: “Yes” Feenstra: “How Costly is Protectionism” Fraser Institute: “The Brain Drain”
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Unformatted text preview: Glassman: “Illogical Special Trade Deals” Global Exchange: “The Global Rulemakers” Griswold: “NO” Hufbauer and Greico: “The Payoff From Globalization” Krugman: “Is Free Trade Passé” Lachman: “The World Has Changed” Lindsey: “WTO bashers…” Lindsey and Ikenson: “Coming Home to Roost” Lipsey: “Direct Investment” Mastel: “Keep Anti-Dumping Laws” McGillivray Prestowitz Roberts Roig-Franzia Roth Schaefer Schavey Skerry and Rockwell Stelzer Verill Zupnick...
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Study Question Answers-Midterm 1 - Glassman “Illogical...

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