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In authors Andrew T. Weil and Norman E. Zinberg’s research paper entitled “Acute Effects of Marijuana on Speech,” they delve into how smoking this drug can inhibit a person’s ability to speak. They perform experiments with placebo cigarettes and marijuana cigarettes. Then at set intervals, they conduct their experiments through the use of a tape recorder and testing the subjects with researchers and judges, alike. Although many people report being “stone” or “high,” they do not exhibit any indication as to their state of mind. What Weil and Zinberg state within their article is that there is a change in speech pattern when people smoke marijuana; however, the common listener does not easily recognize it. Through their scientific research, if that is what it can be called, Weil and Zinberg do no help in the case to legalize marijuana. This is because they only research the effects of smoking weed has on the verbal aspect. In addition to only studying the verbal aspects, they did not help to increase people’s
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Unformatted text preview: awareness of marijuana because they did not state the mental awareness people are in when they are smoking, “stoned,” or “high.” This deters their research from being properly taking because it does not have any justification as to why people feel that they cannot talk. Although people feel they are in a different psychological state, they still act and talk the same, from outside people who are watching and listening to those who smoked. This article does not provide any information about the harmful affects of smoking marijuana. Weil and Zinberg do not include any information as to an adverse reaction to smoking pot, which could result in death or hospitalization. Weil and Zinber, however, do include the loss of concentration, memory, and awareness as deterrents for smoking marijuana. These help people to see that making marijuana is not only bad, but could result in deaths or any other harmful affects to the human body....
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