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In Ken Lamberton’s narrative entitled, “Crimes and Passion,” he states that crimes committed, either intentionally or unintentionally, are an inadvertent result stemming from passion. And from this passion, Lamberton is able to express his feelings, or his passion, through his art. In the beginning of his narrative, Lamberton writes, “When I arrived at the Santa Rita Unit in Tucson, I thought I had come to an artist colony” (170). Lamberton not only states that within his cell block of prison there exists many reasons for it being considered artistic, but Lamberton also gives examples of how the certain art within his cell block helps to express emotion, or more importantly passion. To begin, Lamberton gives the example of music. He states that the musicians express their feelings through their voice and their passion for playing and singing. This not only allows the inmates to express their feelings, but also connect to their religion. After music, Lamberton expresses visual
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