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In Susan White’s analysis of gender roles in The Little Mermaid , she identifies the misnomers of the female protagonist role of Arial and how her life seems perfect to the “..little girls ‘ages three and up’” (White 317). Not only does Disney portray Arial to be the perfect woman, but she also has a perfect body, perfect hair, and perfect breasts. However, according to White, these traits are not only false in real life, but also give the misconception, to young girls, about growing up and entering into womanhood. White states, “The film implicitly vilifies any body that does not fit the paradigm it presents: youth, abundant hair, white teeth, voluptuous breasts (or beefy biceps), and for women, slenderness” (321). This not only states a few traits of a perfect woman, but also makes young girls strive for these attributes, starting out at such a young age. White questions everything about Arial’s physical appearance because no one could be the perfect woman. Not only does
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