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Throughout history, man has found ways to entertain one another and to pass the time. One such form of entertainment comes through the sport of baseball. Baseball not only allows men to show their physical prowess, but also allows for sportsmanship and human interaction. Terry Bahill and William Karnavas, in their article entitled “The Ideal Baseball Bat,” examine the physiology of a baseball bat and the physics involved with hitting the baseball with a certain type of baseball bat. Not only is the tone of this scientific article that of a research tone, but also that of a scientific nature. The two authors were not only trying to find out which baseball bat would be ideal for the best batting average, but they also “…applied the principles of physics and physiology” (Bahill 83). The scientific aspect of this article helps to give the authors the credibility to prove their thesis. Not only did these two authors perform experiments with different types of professional baseball bats, but they also looked at
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