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Gregorio Hernandez Moreno was not only a documented immigrant into the United States, but he was a hard worker, who put his family and their well-being in front of himself. This not only shows that Moreno is determined to give his family a better life, but also he values his family. From living in the southwest, it is very visible to see this affection with many Hispanic families. Not only are the men of a family willing to go through pain for the family, but they will leave their home, go to a foreign country, and work demanding jobs, just to give money back to the family. Moreno not only left Mexico to come to the United States to work, but also he came to a foreign country, knowing nothing at all. He also went through hardships many Americans will never know; bigotry, discrimination, demanding work, and living in fear are just some of the issues that these immigrants go through while striving for a better life. Moreno had to “[get] blisters on his hands…lookout for everything…” (Martinez
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