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In the article “La Crisis,” by Thomas E. Sheridan, the examination of hardships endured by Mexican immigrants is examined, during the time of the Great Depression. Not only did Anglos go through the Depression era, but those of Mexican heritage went through this Depression as well. Sheridan and Martinez both examine some of the hardships that Mexican immigrants went through while they are part of the American culture. To begin, the Mexican immigrants had to deal with the loss of multiple jobs. Mexican labor was seen as second class to Anglo labor. “…Mexican workers served as easy targets for politicians, government officials, and corporate executives who wanted to pacify their Anglo constituents…” (Sheridan 419). Not only were the Mexicans laid off before the Americans, but they were laid off just to please the white constituents. Not only did the Mexican immigrants have to deal with the fact that they could loose their jobs at any minute, but they also have to do with the fact they do not make the same
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