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Throughout the years, many languages have been formed, spoken, and then lost. This is through the evolutionary cycle of life. However, an issue being proposed in today’s society is to make English both the formal and written language of the United States and its territories. However, what lawmakers fail to realize, is the implication of passing such a law. Although making English the official language forces people to look at the social and economic implications it has, they fail to realize the implications it has on those persons who cannot read, write, or speak proper English. These people are those who immigrated to the United States or have ancestors who have lived on the North American continent longer than white men, the Native Americans. However, what lawmakers and lobbyists fail to realize are that the Native Americans are commonly overlooked in this debate about a national language. This is due to the increase in illegal immigration on the Mexican border. Xenophobes argue against bilingual education, mainly for those who
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