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The common theme between life and death is how a person lives his or her life will affect the death of a person. Therefore, in Joan Dayan’s article titled “The Blue Room in Florence,” she relies on people’s emotions to instill fear and knowledge of the death penalty. The death penalty not only kills hundreds of people, but it also condemns people to a horrific and tragic death. Dayan not only tries to convey to her readers that the death penalty, including gas chambers and lethal injection, is inhumane and a grotesque way to die, but also tries to convey that confining people within an area and killing them is exactly like treating humans like animals. When Dayan explores the “Death House,” she describes almost every aspect of the tiny three-part room. She does this to inflict an emotion response. By describing the room, Dayan is able to connect what she saw and feels to the reader. With this connection, Dayan is able to describe what she saw in order to express her argument
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