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RR12 - Through years and years of marketing and trying to...

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Through years and years of marketing and trying to appeal to certain groups, commercials have finally found their place and angle. Commercials not only are a main part in the amount of sales of a certain product, but they also play a part in relating a product to a consumer and how that same consumer would need this product. Although there have been millions and millions of commercials produced and aired on TV, they tend to follow a certain form to appeal to certain demographics. For example, a company would produce an animated commercial to attract children of certain ages to certain products. For example, “Animated cartoon commercials would be for children’s cereal, candy bars, most anything that children like. [Why?] Well, it’s just that children love cartoons and they pretty much rule what mother buys in the food line” (Glick and Levy 303). Therefore, companies would use commercials to prey on children.
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