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Unformatted text preview: Whether a person can afford to live in a shelter or not, a place to rest one’s head is often taken for luxury. For many people throughout the world, a place to sleep, meaning a shelter, is not accessible. The only way to sleep in a shelter is to go to a building setup just for those individuals who do not have a place of their own. The meaning of being “homeless” is the main point in the article “Down on Their Luck: A Study of Homeless Street People,” written by authors David A. Snow and Leon Anderson. They not only use a narrative to express what it feels like to be homeless, but they also use factual evidence to provide more insight into being homeless. Not only did Snow and Anderson want people to realize how the numbers of homelessness are growing, but also it was their purpose to inflict some feelings, or the least to have some knowledge, upon the younger generations, mainly high school and college students. The authors state, “…we hope it is of value to social scientists interested college students....
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