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Whether it be by choice or not, homelessness is an issue that has plagues civilization since the beginning. However, the puzzling issue that has raised eyebrows among society are the issues as to why people are considered “homeless.” Therefore, authors David A. Snow and Leon Anderson have written two articles, titled “Down on Their Luck” and “Pathways to the Street,” to help people try to understand the concept of being homeless and the issues that arise with being one of the many considered “homeless.” To begin, both these articles try to bring attention to the issue of homelessness within the United States. However, a major difference between “Down on Their Luck” and “Pathways to the Street” is that “Down on Their Luck” takes a more historical and narrative aspect on this issue, while “Pathways to the Street” takes a more cause and effect view of homelessness. However, with “Pathways to the Street,” a reader is able to understand and identify with one feeling he or she might have as to the reason a person is
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