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ethics paper - There is a greek word-eudaimonia-that...

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There is a greek word--eudaimonia--that corresponds to the kind of happiness the inhabitants of my fictitious society have reached. It is difficult to translate into an English equivalent, but it describes the satisfaction that comes from living a life that is full, moral and meaningful. My essay takes the form of a discussion between a father and his inquisitive, precocious 10- or 11-year-old son, and the language is kept appropriate to the context. I have attempted to incorporate principles from the class readings and other sources, as explained in the footnotes. It has been asserted by great thinkers even as far back as the Religious Era that the best way to produce happiness is to live simply and meaningfully. Did you know, Immanuel, that before the Substances Ban of 2017 everyone drank alcohol and smoked cigarettes? And no one could leave his house without a loud, bulky box called a "cellular telephone". They didn't know much about living simply back then, did they? We learned about cell phones in school, Dad. What are alcohol and cigarettes? Alcohol is a drink that made people very dizzy and very sick and they thought they drank it because they were happy, but really people drank it because their lives were very bad and they wanted to forget how sad they were. And one man once wrote that people liked cigarettes because they were a "fairly sure, fairly honorable form of suicide" 1 . Does that man sound very happy to you? No. He wasn't. That's why we don't smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol today. And now we drink Sophiserum instead? That's right. Sophiserum allows us to think more clearly, and pursue our studies with more organization and depth. And your mother and I take purity pills every morning--and
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someday you will too--to keep away the distractions of our natural minds. What's wrong with our natural minds? Well, um, that's a good question. Sometimes our natural minds make us want to do things that make us happy-- But isn't happiness the "Highest Principle of the New World"?
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ethics paper - There is a greek word-eudaimonia-that...

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