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Rep. Solution 1 Alt

Rep. Solution 1 Alt - Mathematics for Business Decisions...

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CREATING A WORD DOCUMENT 1. Paste your cells from the Excel file Computation 1.xls immediately below the existing text and center the table on the page. 2. Reformat this entire file Report 1.doc with 1 margins at the top and sides, and all text (both existing and new) in a 12 point Times New Roman font. 3. Below the table, enter a paragraph describing your computer skills. This should include the following. (i) Names of various software packages, and your level of experience with them. (ii) Your familiarity with the computing platforms Windows , Macintosh , or UNIX . (iii) Information about the computer that you will be using in Part 1 of Mathematics for Business Decisions . Is it privately owned or in a computer laboratory? Does it have access to the Internet? Does it have a CD drive? a b n x f(x) 3.71 5.24 3 0 0.0000 0.1 0.5277 0.2 1.0777 0.3 1.6722 0.4 2.3334 0.5 3.0838 0.6 3.9454 0.7 4.9405 0.8 6.0915 0.9 7.4206 1 8.9500 The following background in computing represents a typical level of student experience. This would be adequate preparation for the study of
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