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Victorious Baller March 11, 2008 PHIL 050 – Mr. Colin Hahn Midterm Exam Topic 2 – Word Count: 734 Aquinas was one of the first philosophers to construct an argument about human choice. Before Aquinas, there had been discussion from Plato and Aristotle on how to obtain knowledge, why to obtain knowledge, and why people sometimes fail to make the right decision. Aquinas was the first to say that humans had a choice of what to make of their lives and what decisions they would make in it. This is illustrated in Aquinas’ The Will . The majority of Plato’s teachings focus on knowledge and virtue and how to obtain them. Plato fails to concentrate on the human’s choice in his dialogues. Aristotle, unlike Plato, developed a theory on why humans make the choices they do. Aristotle also disagreed with his teacher on many main points in their respective philosophies. It is through Aristotle and Aquinas’ observations that an understanding of human choice is brought about and one can begin to recognize why certain choices are made. Aquinas argues in his philosophy that humans must have knowledge of certain things in order to receive
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