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Essay 1 FINAL - Jonathan Ramberger RhetComp2 Sect 1070...

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Jonathan Ramberger RhetComp2 – Sect. 1070 Crystal Fodrey Spring 2008 Essay for Unit #1 CBS, Advertisers Get More than Just the Price Right The Price is Right is a daytime television game show that has been nationally broadcast on the network television station CBS since 1972. The show consists of a variety of games in which contestants attempt to bid on or guess the price of their potential prize or prizes, depending on the game. The show itself serves as a form of advertising because of the different products that are featured in the show. These products can be featured in games as the actual prizes, or can also be smaller, everyday products that one could find at the grocery store. The Price is Right is a show that has transcended through the years and continues to be a daytime favorite among audiences. Although The Price is Right is a show that can be enjoyed by all ages, the advertisements within commercials and the show itself are targeted primarily towards senior citizens, American men and women ages 65 and older. There is an endless list of reasons as for why and how The Price is Right aims to appeal to the older crowd. One of the noticeable appeals would be the star of the show, Bob Barker, who recently retired after hosting for the first 35 years. Barker was a character viewers young and old could connect with. Another reason among the many is the time slot in which the show is aired on television. While the majority of the working class has arrived at their respective
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occupations by 9, 10, or 11 AM (depending on time zone) when the show begins, the majority of senior citizens and retired folk have either just awoken or finished their morning coffee. While network news and talk shows dominate the majority of morning broadcasts, The Price is Right offers a different tradition for the morning television viewer, a game show that has not changed its style or content for thirty-plus years. This is exceptionally evident for male viewers, who will prefer to watch The Price is Right rather than
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