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Unformatted text preview: Victorious Baller March 11, 2008 PHIL 050 Mr. Colin Hahn Midterm Exam Topic 4 Word Count: 601 It would be difficult to believe in the beginning that Aristotle was indeed a student of Plato because of their conflicting views on many issues. One of these many disagreements between Aristotle and Plato would occur when discussing the relationship between the body and soul. Aristotle developed the theory of hylomorphism. This theory explains that the form of something belongs with its matter. Through this idea, Aristotle makes the assumption that the soul and the body are together as one. Plato could not disagree any more. Through his theory of recollection, Plato believes that the soul existed before. Plato believes that the soul is trapped inside the humans body and it is the job of the human to treat the soul as efficiently as possible in order to obtain virtue. This develops Platos argument that knowledge is sufficient for virtue. Living this moral life is the best a human can do for the soul, which is most important. These conflicting views of Aristotle and life is the best a human can do for the soul, which is most important....
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