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GENETICS PROBLEM SET II This problem set is to help you work with genetic linkage. In 1902, Walter Sutton and Theodore Boveri proposed the chromosomal theory of inheritance. They recognized that the behavior of Mendel's factors ( alleles ) during the production of gametes in peas paralleled the behavior of chromosomes during meiosis. Each genetic trait is specified by 2 alleles. Pairs of alleles segregate into gametes, just like the members of a pair of homologous chromosomes. Different allele pairs assort independently as do different chromosome pairs. Problems 1-3 examine the behavior of genes located on different chromosomes . 1. In tomatoes tall stature is governed by the dominant allele (T) whereas the recessive allele (t) controls the dwarf trait. The leaf form can be either cut at the margins, a dominant trait (C), or entire (potato leaf form), a recessive trait (c). F1 heterozygotes were produced in a cross between true breeding tomato plants (TTCC x ttcc). In a cross between F1 heterozygotes (TtCc x TtCc) 800 progeny are produced. How many plants of each phenotype class would you expect? 2. The F1 heterozygotes in problem 1 are backcrossed to the homozygous double recessive (TtCc x ttcc), and 580 progeny are produced. How many of each phenotype and genotype class could be expected? What percentage have the same phenotype as the parents (= parentals)? What percentage have a phenotype that is different from the parents (= recombinants)? 3. If you backcrossed the same heterozygotes (TtCc) with homozygous dominants, what genotypic and phenotypic ratios would you expect? Sex linked inheritance is consistent with the chromosome theory of inheritance. Early
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geneticsproblemseIIquestions - GENETICS PROBLEM SET II This...

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