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Student_Wk06_ Five_Wishes - Five Wishes for When You're Too...

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Five Wishes for When You're Too Sick to Make Decisions This information is taken from Learning Place Online, which reprinted it with permission from Aging With Dignity . PLEASE NOTE: Repp has shortened and adapted form for classroom use. Please obtain legal copy from Aging With Dignity. W e are pleased to reprint the text of "Five Wishes" directive for advanced care with permission from Aging With Dignity . To use this as a legal document in those states that accept it (see first article), you MUST send for the paper version (only $5). However, even though you may live in a state where Part A is not accepted as a legal document, it is a good tool for thinking through Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care issues . And in those states you can often get a legal form from most hospitals and some doctor's offices. Part B is perhaps one of the strongest features of Five Wishes because it goes into comfort and remembrance issues . Reading the online edition can encourage you to discuss these topics with your family. The document was designed by the Commission on Aging with Dignity, which is a private, non-profit organization founded in 1996 to affirm and safeguard human dignity, and to promote better care of the dying. Living in Mother Teresa's home for the dying in Washington, DC as a full-time volunteer inspired Aging with Dignity's founder, Jim Towey, to develop Five Wishes. If you would like more information on Aging with Dignity, visit their website or you can write them at P. O. Box 1661, Tallahassee, Florida 32302-1661, 1-888-5-WISHES (or 1-888-594-7437). Important Note One : This material is NOT intended to be legal advice but to help you become aware of a way you can make your wishes known concerning care at the end of your life, information that will make certain your family members and friends won't need to guess what you want. Important Note Two : This form is not legal unless you live in one of the states below and even then it must be filled out on the printed version you can get from Aging With Dignity . F ive Wishes makes it easier for you to let your doctor, family, and friends know how you want to be treated if you become seriously ill and cannot tell them. Five Wishes is a gift to your family members and friends so that they won't have to guess what you want. Five Wishes is easy to understand and simple to use. Five Wishes has captured the hearts and minds of people in Florida from the day it was introduced. Hundreds of thousands of Floridians are using Five Wishes, including Florida's Governor, Supreme Court Chief Justice, and thousands of others. Because Five Wishes was so successful in Florida, it was featured on the NBC Today Show. Aging with Dignity wanted to see if it could be used in other states. We consulted experts who reviewed the laws in all fifty states. We found out that Five Wishes could be written in a way that made it valid under the health care statutes in most states. With the help of the American Bar Association Commission on Legal Problems of the Elderly, we came up with this new
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Student_Wk06_ Five_Wishes - Five Wishes for When You're Too...

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