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Week Six: Impact of Religion and Spirituality on End of Life Care: Please note: Repp has added to the materials provided in the readings. Religion: -totality of belief systems; inner piety; abstract system of ideas; ritual practices; usually organized -religious thought 1 : the way that the human spirit positions itself in an ordered and meaningful universe in relation to the environment, to other human beings, and to deity (note that some people do not believe in deity, and so they position themselves to it as a non-entity). -This definition is from 1973; see as precursor to popular cultural ideology about ‘spirituality.’ Spirituality: -may or may not be linked to religious beliefs or communities that practice specific faith traditions -may be defined as the “actions and interactions of an embodied human actor who is facing death and creating a personally meaningful world” 2 -primary components: constructs of meaning or a sense of life’s purpose -another way to allow for self-transcendence
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