TCHR Week One Introduction and Wendat Feast of the Dead

TCHR Week One Introduction and Wendat Feast of the Dead -...

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NOTES: ASB 353 Week One: Introduction and Wendat Feast of the Dead Brief introduction to syllabus and class This course is not meant for people who have recently lost someone – actively grieving. Please seek counseling (examples: ASU, hospice grieving support group). What is meant by “death and dying in cross-cultural perspective”? A perspective is a point of view. A point of view needs a position from which one views… We will use the US as the basis for our perspective Each week, we examine a topic or issue: in the US and in at least one other culture (sometimes more) We need to move past a neo-colonial attitude (“we” study “them” as if on a trip to an exotic place) Anthropology is a “mirror for humanity.” The class includes six reflection assignments which are experiential. You will be asked to consider and reflect on your own experiences and attitudes (about dying, loss or grief you have experienced, etc.). If you are uncomfortable with this, please do not take this class. What can a cross-cultural study of deathways teach us? Broaden perspective by looking at several cultures’ ideas about death Not all ideas are logically compatible; not all will seem tasteful to you No best way to die – so do not judge or imitate Anthropology: mirror for humanity Will use combination of theory and vignettes of cultural practices: sometimes theory will be foremost; cultural practice as example/operationalize sometimes cultural practice will be foremost; theory helps explain/deconstruct A brief introduction to anthropology 1 Anthropology: study of human beings and their cultures worldwide, both in the past and in the present. Anthropologists are interested in how and why human culture changes. Physical anthropology: the study of the origins and development of human beings Linguistics: study of human language Archaeology: study of human life based primarily on the recovery of artifacts, objects made &/or used by
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TCHR Week One Introduction and Wendat Feast of the Dead -...

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