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Test I - KEY - 1. Prions, or misfolded proteins, are...

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1. Prions, or misfolded proteins, are responsible for mad cow disease and a similar neurological disease in humans. Which of the following statements best describes prions in terms of living and non-living organisms? a. prions are living because they cause disease, and all other disease-causing organisms are living b. prions must be living because they produce additional prions and can be transmitted to other organisms *c. prions are non-living because they do not have DNA, ATP, or a metabolism d. prions are non-living because they cannot produce more prion particles e. prions are living because they produce more vegetarians (not the right answer) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Questions 2-6 refer to the following phylogenic tree for reptiles and birds. 2. Based upon this phylogenetic tree, which group is most closely related to snakes? a. turtles *b. lizards c. non-avian dinosaurs d. crocodiles 3. Fossils have been found for all of these groups of vertebrates. For which group would you expect to have the oldest fossil representatives? *a. turtles b. lizards c. snakes d. non-avian dinosaurs e. crocodiles 4. The trait that distinguishes birds from all other groups in this phylogeny is the presence of feathers. Feathers would be considered a: *a. derived trait b. shared trait c. analogous trait d. an ancestral trait 5. Phylogenic trees ideally represent evolutionary relatedness. For which of the following two groups would you expect to be least related based upon this tree? a. lizards-snakes b. birds-non-avian dinosaurs 1
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c. crocodiles-non avian dinosaurs *d. turtles-birds 6. If this phylogeny correctly reflects evolutionary relationships, which of the following statements should also be correct? a. the groups shown in the figure have a common ancestor b. a phylogeny based upon DNA and a phylogeny based upon physical traits should be the same c. the lizard and snake group appeared and diverged after the turtle group *d. all of the above statements should be correct _______________________________________________________________________ Questions #7-12. A student in Bio 187 enjoys the spring wildflower bloom in the Sonoran desert on the way to Rocky Point, Mexico during spring break. She observes that saguaro cacti appears to denser near the washes than on open hillsides. She wonders aloud to herself “Why is saguaro density greater in the washes”? 7. In terms of the scientific method, this statement by the student is a:
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Test I - KEY - 1. Prions, or misfolded proteins, are...

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