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is rap good music - ENG 102 22 October 2007 Is Rap Good...

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ENG 102 22 October 2007 Is Rap Good Music? Before one can argue that rap is, or is not good music, it is essential to determine whether rap is music at all; some will argue that it is not. However, the Virginia Tech Music Department defines music as "any rhythmic , melodic , or harmonic grouping of sounds that is specifically composed and that forms a unity so as to convey a message, to communicate, or to entertain" (Virginia Tech Multimedia Music Dictionary). Good music includes rhythmic intricacies and periodic changes, at least one strong, original melody, and inventive harmony that takes either the form of additional melodies, or of interesting chord progressions in the accompaniment. Because rap generally relies solely upon rhythmic variety for its musical value, it is definitively music, but its standing as good music is less apparent. This essay will focus mainly on popular, contemporary rap. Generalizations apply to rap on MTV, BET and the radio. One may wish to use a broader definition of good music, for example: any grouping of sounds that is pleasing, and has any artistic merit. Such a definition, however, sets a very low bar for musicians, and does not acknowledge the complexities exhibited by truly prodigious musical works. The result of such a definition is the inability to discriminate between music that is just better than mediocre and works of genius. Additionally, this
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definition leaves no possibility for objective scrutiny, so it's hardly of any use. Rap successfully meets the first criterion for good music--it is very
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is rap good music - ENG 102 22 October 2007 Is Rap Good...

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