STUDY GUIDE- emergence of medieval eruope

STUDY GUIDE- emergence of medieval eruope - STUDY GUIDE...

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STUDY GUIDE WEEK 2 EMERGENCE OF MEDIEVAL SOCIETY( class notes) Heir to the legacies of… Classical rome Germanic societies Christianity Legacy of rome Unified Europe ( the idea of it anways) Division of eastern and western Europe Bureaucracy in provinces Rose the number to 100, ea province had 12 dioceses Each diocese run by a vicar (like catholics today) Law and Govt Natural law to all humans Govt = contract bwt govt and people- basic rights Sovereignty resides in will of the people Infrastructure Roads, buildings, baths, theaters, latfundia (large land estate outside city) Technology (concrete) roman arch (early churches) bridges! Legacy of Germanic Societies Germania written by Tacitus Apx 500 germanic tribes moves to rome for better life from east (bring new clothes- pants!) Kinship groups Family clan tribe Fluid social structure Kingship/warrior chieftans women = food/kids men=fight/gmaes/hunt/bet women Comitatus- best fighter and his group go raid Customary law/justice Feuds/vendettas Ordeals (ex. Ordeal of fire- can u carry red hot iron 8 paces? To be innocent) Wergild Partitive inheritance Not everything goes to his first son… divided up Comperegation= guilty says he is innocent and brings in friends/helpers to prove His innocence Roman frontier society Romanization Germanization/ barbarization… evolve to each other Romans offered peace that they didn’t have 300 want to come in bc fleeing huns! (50,000!) Bad timing- rome is having economy difficulties Ortrogoths/ Visigoths make deal to serve in army with eastern emporer Romans go back on their word
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Migration of Germanic Tribes Visigoths 378- emp Valens defeated at Adrianople (40,000 romans die) Early 400’s sacking rome/ allowed to settle in gaul Conquered by muslims 711 1 st to write down law code! Vandals Name=destroyed everything! Mid 400s- had to settle in because visig took them out of gaul Sacked rome in 455 eventually defeated by Byzantines in 533 Angols Saxons Jutes Because soldiers needed in rome so took them out of England cuase they didn’t Care as much about it (410) Mid 400s the above groups come in- not really united
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STUDY GUIDE- emergence of medieval eruope - STUDY GUIDE...

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