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Sean Lamb Das 13 December 2007 English 15 The Writing Process: God’s Gift to Earth Have you ever had to write a paper? Most people have, and while writing a paper the process known simply as the writing process is used. Richard Marius, who is a successful writer, says writing has few rules and most of them are easily broken. Marius also says while writing, many different parts of the writing process are going on. While writing my paper on steroids last year many different steps to the writing process were used. Marius’s writing process is pretty simple: find a topic, take notes, and then write drafts- lots of them. This was the exact approach I took while putting together my paper. From reading what Anne Lamott said she does while writing, I feel I did not really use her techniques. Lamott basically says to just write your drafts and then revise them. While I wrote, I took notes and outlined what I was going to write about. Marius’s eleven qualities of a good essay is an excellent way to evaluate the quality of your paper. After reading the qualities and evaluating my paper, I thought my paper was well written, but there was room for improvement. When writing a paper it is necessary to use a writing process. Choosing a topic
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Marius says when beginning the writing process finding a topic is the first thing that should be done. This was the first thing that was done on thins paper, choosing the topic. I chose the topic of steroids because I already knew a lot about the topic and I knew I would enjoy researching it further. Steroids were also at the time a hot topic in the news because of all the controversy in professional sports so information would be easily accessed. When choosing a topic, Marius says to write about things you know that your audience does not. An abundance of people know about steroids; however, not everyone knows all the dangers and side effects of using them. Researching the topic Next, after choosing a topic I did extensive research on steroids to confirm the information I knew and to discover new information. My research and note taking during this part of my paper was very similar to the way Marius says to do it. Marius says that when researching a topic notes should be taken. He also says to make comments on the notes that are being taken. He states that this will help to later understand what exactly was written down. While researching internet databases I would be taking notes in my notebook. Another technique I used which Marius used was not only did I take informative notes, but I
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english-1 - Sean Lamb Das 13 December 2007 English 15 The...

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