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Sean Lamb 13 November 2007 English 15 Fox Hunting and Football: Rituals in Their Own Right In the United States there are many activities that people do on a regular basis. The article “Fox Hunting as Ritual” by James Howe, explains how certain groups in England hunt religiously. A ritual can be defined as a practice or pattern of behavior regularly performed in a set manner. Here in the United States rituals are done all the time: whether it is religion, a family tradition, sports related, or just something you as an individual do. Sometimes it is not even known that a ritual is happening, but it is an activity that is done on a regular basis. Back in high school I played football for all four years and every week the same exact thing was done on a regular basis. It became so redundant that everyone on the team knew exactly what we were going to do on a particular day without even having to ask the coaches what to do. This along with fox hunting are not regularly looked as rituals, however, they are. “Fox Hunting as Ritual,” is an article about fox hunting in England. In the article Howe explains how fox hunting is somewhat of a ritual. One point that makes a fox hunt a ritual according to Edmund Leach (who is an anthropologist that Howe refers to) is the terminology used. The hunts are said to be “sacred” and by having a special terminology the sport of fox hunting sounds more sophisticated. Another reason for the terminology is to make the sport more exclusive and sound more difficult. Howe points out that this confusing and difficult terminology is also for social reasons. He notes that hunters who participate in the hunts think as themselves as more advanced than the “outsiders.” Although fox hunting is opened up to all
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persons, Howe says that the cost to maintain and equip a horse and the cost of the riding clothes are primary examples of the upper class in the English society. It is noted that fox hunts are mainly to show how wealthy each individual is. Also Howe says that the more time and servants
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english-3 - Sean Lamb 13 November 2007 English 15 Fox...

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