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Sean Lamb Das 11 December 2007 English 15 The Blue Cross: A Classic Mystery Many great short stories are out there in the literature world, many stories under the genre of mystery. G.K. Chesterton- who is an accomplished author- wrote the short story “The Blue Cross.” This particular short story is about a detective that tries to hunt down a criminal in the streets of London. Although this is not a long story in length it does however contain many themes and larger meanings in life. Many things can be taken out of this story to teach a life lesson. The writing of Chesterton, although confusing at points, is overall pretty easy to understand. Lastly, like all mystery and detective stories there are many literary works comparable to this short story. Whether it is: short stories, novels, films, or television programs comparisons can be drawn in all aspects. Like all great mystery stories, “The Blue Cross,” contains a detective, a criminal, and a problem. The story starts off with the introduction of Valentin who is the head of the Paris police force and one of the best at his occupation. Than the narrator goes on to state that a very well known criminal is out on the loose. This criminal goes by the name of Flambeau who is also one of the best at his occupation- committing crimes. The story continues to explain all the different crimes Flambeau has committed including the milk business he ran. He never actually had any dairy products, but Flambeau would steal other companies and delivers them to his
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cliental. Valentin knows that he will not have an easy time finding this felon, but knowing that Flambeau has a large stature, not normal of others, will be the one thing he will look for. As Valentin is on his adventure to locate the criminal and does not come across any persons big in stature. He then ventures into the streets of London and comes across a restaurant that seems to be out of place. Not having the benefit of enjoying a breakfast, Valentin decides to
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english-4 - Sean Lamb Das 11 December 2007 English 15 The...

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