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principles of management

principles of management - Kontogiannis 1 John Kontogiannis...

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Kontogiannis 1 John Kontogiannis Susan Mosher Principles of Management MGT – 103 SWOT Analysis to Quit Smoking The specific goal that I am applying to the smart test is the attempt to quit smoking cigarettes. The goal that I have chosen to apply to the SWOT analysis Smart goals is measurable very much so to me as well as others in the nation. The goal is an action because you are making the commitment to quit smoking cigarettes. The goal is realistic because you have a habit that you love and hate at the same time you love it because it can relieve stress and help you relax as well, but at the same time, it is hurting you. I would like to achieve this goal by August 1 st 2007 that is the start of the soccer season at Hagerstown Community College which I am looking forward to because we will have a lot of talent coming back and an opportunity for a winning season. The strengths that I possess that can help me greatly to achieve this goal are my ability to be very competitive in any nature
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