Exam I Key

Exam I Key - * \Dl, cr.cfn i 5r4, 'lt?i i,:rcv1 t* *\#,...

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Unformatted text preview: * \Dl, cr.cfn i 5r4, 'lt?i i,:rcv1 t* *\#, edfh 'r u'},i d l;' :J'\.''l i'l' *vr,tf {l-* iExam I {' Printed Name: l{rY Chemistry 101 September 17,2007 PID #: Pledge: I have neither given nor received aid on this exam. Signature: Instructions: 1) For calculations you must show your work to receive full or partial credit. 2) You must use units in your calculation to receive'partial credit. 3) You must sign the pledge for your exam to be graded. 4) Only non-programmable or programmable calculators with memory erased are allowed. 5) Make sure your sig figs are correct for ALL answers for full credit. 6) Indicate the units for All answers for full credit. 7) Your answer must be in the box or on the line for each problem or credit will not be given. 8) You may use the periodic table in the lecture hall for calculations on this exam. 9) Only exams written in pen witt be eligible for regrade. 10) Exams are photocopied at random and checked when a regrade is requested. l) In 2000 the US produced 515 million metric tons of CO2 from car emissions. I metric ton ililf#$ll])'r*-s orcoz were produced? o,,,*., 5' 15* l0'1 ? COL &dt i"j"'{) ,ffiil" WT - ffi'jffi : 6,i/:r'n' ,' . (r\pl pn'iral\ f+ t Pt , ptf'*a\ lb) How many moleq of coz were produced? *r*., , l' l? * ld'3 trl'uriul lot,.i I Malar ytass f0, = lCta,alfrlr*a\)+:1 lb,CIeftAlui) * 'lrl ,01 q/moi ft lprha{i 5,l6xtlaat0gxtryrt ip:**, .,,, ^,?,i c r d' \4,alqca;: l' i1 vl0'l rwfut {*r{uep+*'p*r*e[ ) (l L ?- | i I lc) How many grams of o atoms were produced? *** d,tl 'l y I 0''l g S (+t i ) i, i"l * t0 ri o-br {$, ".f yq4,k-p-dr*l : n ' I vusti.#,**" ; ?n'lxl|ti wtole* A o.kwu- {|tlr,r1#) 2,14YlCI'bohS6r ruqt'L Y , 3,1 'l t,w,a XA {+t f*r*o,"0') 2) Balance the following chemical equations. Place your 2) Balance the following chemical equations....
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This note was uploaded on 04/02/2008 for the course CHEM 101 taught by Professor Farahh during the Spring '02 term at UNC.

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Exam I Key - * \Dl, cr.cfn i 5r4, 'lt?i i,:rcv1 t* *\#,...

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