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Quiz II Terms 1. Eusebius of C aesara: 2. Hippias of Elis : 5 th century BC local historian; he undertook a history of the Olympics including a catalogue of the victors. 3. Ludi Circenses : chariot racing in the circus; Greeks regarded the four-horse chariot race as the highlight and most prestigious event of the festival meeting. 4. Pancration : It is a combative event where virtually anything is allowed: kicking, blows anywhere, head-butts, submission hold, choke holds, and so on; unrestricted fighting. Means “every (form of) power” and today is known as “ultimate fighting”. A free combination of boxing, wrestling, and street fighting which went on until one contestant could no longer continue or gave a formal sign that he gave up. 5. Athletic Synods (give a outline of their development) : Athletic synods are international athletic association where the most successful athletes in the empire obtain membership in guilds, administered by other athletes and organized with charters that resembled Greek civic constitutions. These synods emerge much
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