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Exam II Printed Name:_________________________________________ Chemistry 101 October 3, 2007 PID #: _______________________________________________ Pledge: I have neither given nor received aid on this exam. Signature:____________________________________________ Instructions: 1) For calculations you must show your work to receive full or partial credit. 2) You must use units in your calculation to receive partial credit. 3) You must sign the pledge for your exam to be graded. 4) Only non-programmable or programmable calculators with memory erased are allowed. 5) Make sure your sig figs are correct for ALL answers for full credit. 6) Indicate the units for All answers for full credit. 7) Your answer must be in the box or on the line for each problem or credit will not be given. 8) You may use the periodic table in the lecture hall for calculations on this exam. 9) Only exams written in pen will be eligible for regrade. 10) Exams are photocopied at random and checked when a regrade is requested. For Grading Purposes: Question: Points Deducted: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Total Deductions: Final Score: / 100 The final score reported on the exam itself was out of 100 points. A point was added to this final score, then divided by 101 and reported in the blackboard grade book as a percentage.
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1) You need to make 25.00mL of a 2.005M solution of calcium hydroxide for your class demo. When you look on your shelf you find that you have a 1.50M and a 5.50M solution of calcium hydroxide (19pts. total). la) How many mL of g4!g do you need to add to dilute the 5.50M calcium hydroxide solution to a final concentration of 2.005M to yield a final volume of 25mL (spts.)? TdotWnt=Z1rvrL
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Exam II Key - Exam II Chemistry 101 October 3 2007 Printed...

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