Exam III Key

Exam III Key - 1) What is the maximum number of...

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1) What is the maximum number of subshell(s), orbital(s) and electron(s) associated with the following set of qlnntum nuqrberq (18 points total)? No ?av*iat CrdiJi W,=Tnrl,mr:*l/2 subshell(s) fl srrlnhttl orbitar(s) A;;UIoi *bihl avd ldbhil, 2) Write the condens-ed electron configuration and draw the condensed orbital di atoms (10 points totar): NO ?arli;l Cffd ilan M \ tr= | and fiS = +LZ erectron(s') b.) n:3, mr-ll2 subshell(s) l=3 3sr3p,dsrrbshe lls orbitar(s)_ .l=a,ltL ' 'lLz qt= -r,-r,otltz electron(s) l=A W= O f{L z -ltt , "-. :& | o -- -.- i:t$:!,,o,r nt =-r:r*tri* te-pcr c.) n:6, l:3 -'-4"--' subshell(s) AA electron(s) fufsr^Islt[ El ,i'J-1,-zrlto,l,z,z *u] .A_rt r ' r r- electron(s) Jt\z + z, -- n v -, b lrl (+4 Gz t+z) tu\ for the following huahou-' a) The deadly, radioactive isotope of polonium, which emits cr radiation. Condensed Electron Confi euration: ? Condensed Orbital (Box) Diagrarr 0n\ rx.l & [email protected] b) oxidized Copper. CrF Condensed Electron Confisuration: AA3d Gz\ Condensed Orbital (Box) Diagrarr 0n[1 Nfl [email protected] H off q* ptwf -iF t4is "J'"5ryJ
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3) Most ultraviolet radiation is currently blocked by earth's stratospheric ozone layer. However, due to modern, human activity this ozone layer is diminishing. You are investigating the effects of ozone depletion on the earth's ocean temperatures. How many photons of harmful UV-C radiation would be required to heat I .00L of ocean water from 25'C to 27"C (assume-AH:AE)? The av.erage waveleqgth for UV-c radiation
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Exam III Key - 1) What is the maximum number of...

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