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Film 25A midterm essay - Film 25A Midterm Temporal...

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Film 25A Midterm Temporal Articulation in the Narrative The earliest forms of cinema, dating back to the late 19 th century beheld many limitations, among them, time. The limited capacity to produce reels of 20 to 50 seconds at the longest , left little room for the possibility of narrative, let alone methods of time articulation that accompanied the concept of story-telling. Thus, much of early cinema incorporated ‘spectacle’ to attract and intrigue audiences. Nonetheless, as standard reels were elongated and nickelodeons utilizing the cinematograph replaced Edison’s revered kinetoscope, films moved increasingly towards greater narrative clarity and to what is identified as the Hollywood cinema style of today. Advances made in temporal articulations in early cinema’s progression towards narrative expression is evident in Edwin Porter’s Life of an American Fireman (1903) and D. W. Griffith’s The Lonely Villa (1909). Although the narrative style of film was attempted early on, it wasn’t until a few years later that greater levels of clarity were expressed. The Lumiere brothers’ fifty second-long L’Arrosseur arrose , for example, showed an early sign of narrative cinema in 1895 as a set-up plot and acting was clearly involved, instead of simply portraying an
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Film 25A midterm essay - Film 25A Midterm Temporal...

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