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10-31 Chapter 7

10-31 Chapter 7 - ADOLESCENT LEISURE Today's teens spend...

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ADOLESCENT LEISURE Today’s teens spend more time in leisure activities than they do in productive activities of school Spend more time alone than with members of family 4x as much time working at a job than on homework Compulsory High School increase amount of free time of adolescents Previously time occupied by work Increased affluence of Americans after WWII increase amount of free time Gained more autonomy came to be recognized as consumers w/discretionary Income How do adolescents spend time in various leisure activities? Typical American middle-class early adolescent: 29% waking hours in productive activities: class, studying 24% maintenance activities: eating, grooming 46% leisure activities: sports, TV, socializing Wide variations in how adolescents spend free time Free time is not “zero-sum” where involvement in one activity necessarily precludes involvement in another Are very busy, well-rounded adolescents with many time commitments and not so busy adolescents The relatively busier adolescents better adjusted, more achievement-oriented Result of busy schedule or busy schedule because of these characteristics? American adolescents spend more time on leisure and less time in productive activities compared to adolescents in other countries Asian countries 4-5 hrs. per day on homework U.S. 5 hours per week on homework ADOLESCENTS AND WORK 80 % of America’s high school graduates will have worked at some point during school - represents important break from past when school and work were mutually exclusive 1940 – 5% 16-17 yrs. old male high school students worked 2% females Between 1940-1950, sectors of American economy that needed large numbers of part time workers grew rapidly – 3:5 new jobs were in retail or service industry Employers needed employees willing to work part time for little money: TEENS 1980 – 2/3 high school seniors had part time jobs ½ sophomores Working during high school slightly more common among middle and upper class teens – easier time finding job in suburban areas Males and females equally likely to work but do different kinds of jobs Males: manual labor
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Females: Service industry Today’s adolescents working more hours than in past Soph: 15 hrs. per week Senior: 20 hrs. per week Comparisons to other countries: Non-industrialized nations: Integrated into workplace before reach adolescence Adolescents and adults work side by side – no distinct workplace Developing nations: Population is poor adolescents leave school earlier and start working full time by 15 or 16 at jobs similar to ones will do as adult School for adolescents for extremely affluent – work for majority of teens Other industrialized nations: Adolescents likely to delay work until education is completed ¾ American h.s. juniors work during school year ¼ Japanese h.s. juniors do rarer in most European nations When adolescents do work in other industrialized nations, most likely in school or government sponsored apprenticeships
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10-31 Chapter 7 - ADOLESCENT LEISURE Today's teens spend...

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