Good Toys for Children of 3

Good Toys for Children of 3 - Good Toys for Children of 3-5...

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Good Toys for Children of 3-5 Years Old Moon Sand Safety- Non- Toxic Appropriateness- Children may want to eat the sand. It can also be messy if not used in the right area. Soft. Versatility- Yes Learning- Helps children’s fine motor skills, dramatic play, and artistic abilities. Cranium Cariboo Safety- Small bouncy balls, small parts Appropriateness- Teaches children new things they may not know. A good mixture of soft and hard, helps children’s social skills by playing on teams. Versatility- Yes. Learning- Social skills, group learning, dramatic play, art, movement Dinosaur Floor Puzzle Safety- Very large pieces that would not be able to be swallowed Appropriateness- Soft, good size, very colorful. Versatility- Yes. Learning- Problem solving, group learning Knotwuld Foam Blocks Safety- Very safe, no small pieces Appropriateness- Colorful, many different shapes, soft, good size for this age group Versatility- Yes Learning- Colors, shapes, dramatic play
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Melissa and Doug Policeman Puppet Safety- No small pieces, stick could be used to hit other children. Appropriateness- Good size for children, soft and hard Versatility- Some Learning- Dramatic play, learning about the people who protect us in our communities Color Wonder Markers and Paper Safety- Non-toxic, mess free, washable
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Good Toys for Children of 3 - Good Toys for Children of 3-5...

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