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soc writing assigment

soc writing assigment - picked the white doll They were...

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Iris Alfaro Jessica Hammar Soc 101 Race is socially constructed by human beings. We divide each other from one another. We have different names from one another to make certain distinction. For example, different skin colors, different eyes, different body features. Always in forms we need to say what type of race we are. Our race revolves around many things. Many times because we are not the ideal race (white) we do not get certain jobs, do not have high self esteem, are not accepted by society. There is a time and place where certain races are bad and are not accepted in society. For example, in 9-11, people that wore turbans were discriminated and killed. Before, the people that wore turbans were mixed in society and were not looked as bad people. There was a test conducted were African American kids age of 4-6 were given two dolls, one white doll and one black doll. The kids were asked what doll looked nicer. All the kids
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Unformatted text preview: picked the white doll. They were asked what was wrong with the black doll; the kids responded that it was bad and not pretty. Many of the images and thoughts from certain races are from the media. The small kids already had an idea of how society portrayed certain races. Many of the fake characteristics of races are portrayed in the media. For example, white people sometimes have bad perceptions of black people because the media portrays them that way. They put black people in the ghetto and white people in the nice neighborhoods. If we did not distinguish one another, by the way we talk and look, there would not be so much discrimination and life would be more simple. But we are always reminded when we fill out a paper and marking that box that socially separates you from other people....
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