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Review exam 1 F07 Infant and Child Development - nurture...

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Infant and Child Development F07 Review Sheet, Exam 1 Basics : Material covered: Chapters 1-6 and the Fetal Life course reading. These pages from chapter 5 will not be covered (pgs 141-145, 152-153, 156-157, 159, 165- 171) 73 Multiple choice and T/F questions evenly divided among the chapters (each question is worth (73 x 3 points) + 1 bonus = 220 points) Scantrons will be provided, bring two pencils Practice questions are available for the text by logging into the McGraw Hill Online Learning Center ( ) and for the course reading by logging in to PowerWeb ( ). No special permission codes are needed to access either website. See p. 2 of the course syllabus for PowerWeb instructions. Key concepts to know: Differences between historical and “modern” studies of child development Major types of sociocultural contexts Major theories/theorists and where they stand on the major issues of nature-
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Unformatted text preview: nurture, early-late experience, continuity-discontinuity (p. 52) • Scientific method • Research design (experimental vs. correlational) • Meiosis vs mitosis • Laws of genetic inheritance (homozygosity vs. heterozygosity) • Chromosomal and gene-linked abnormalities • Patterns of neonatal growth and development (cephalocaudal and proximodistal) • What occurs at each period of prenatal development • Causes and consequences of premature birth • Key aspects of brain growth and the role that experience plays • Concept of developmental plasticity • Role of experience in motor development (visual cliff, baby walker experiments) • Newborn reflexes (p. 181) • The habituation paradigm • Affordances • Fetal learning • All studies discussed in lecture • Teratogenic effects of nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, maternal diseases • Fetal programming (from the reading)...
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