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Consequences of global stratification High-income countries have lower childhood death rates, higher life expectancies, and fewer children born underweight Most people in high-income countries have access to clean water and adequate sanitation In the peerestr countries, childhood death rates are higher, life expectancy is lower limited access to clean water means to dehydration Environment: - Overdevelopment leads to deforestation burning fossil fuels leads to "greenhouse gas" Education: in high-income tations the vast majority of people have formal education in poorer countries, education is passed on more informally through family and religious congregation Gender inequality: WOMEN are generally better off in wealthier countries, but gender inequality exists globally many countries have made gains toward gender equality in recent years World Poverty: relative poverty: definitions of poverty vary from one country to another absolute poverty: the situation in which people live on less than a $ 1 per day extreme poverty: the situation in which people live on less than 4275 A YEAR 600 MILLION PEOPLE live at or below extreme poverty the human poverty index: measures degree of deprivation of $ basic dimension: a long and healthy life knowledge economic well-being social inclusion Who are the world's poor? 28% of the world's population live at or below absolute poverty sub-Saharan Africa has highest incidence of poverty, with 42% of the population living in poverty Women in poverty THE un commission on the status of women estimates that women: perform 2/3 of all work hours receive 1/10 of the worlds income own less than 1% of the worlds wealth Children in Poverty The UN estimates that there are 211 million children ages 5-14 in the paid labor force throughout the world Poverty:who are the poor?
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factors contributing to feminization of poverty: growth of female-headed households wage inequality between men and women occupation sex segregation welfare reform;decreasing social support for the poor
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soc notes - Consequences of global stratification...

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