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Infant and Child Development, F07 Review Sheet, Exam 2 Basics : Material covered: Chapters 7-13, ‘Tomatoes’ and ‘Self’ course readings. Identity will not be covered (ch 12, pgs 382-389). As before, the emphasis will be on lecture material. 73 Multiple choice and T/F questions evenly divided among the chapters. Each question is worth (73 x 3 points) + 1 free = 220 total points. Scantrons will be provided, bring pencils with good erasers, know your RU student id# Practice questions are available for the text by logging into the McGraw Hill Online Learning Center ( ) and for the course reading by logging into PowerWeb ( ). No special permission codes are needed to access either website. See p. 2 of the course syllabus for PowerWeb instructions. Key concepts to know: Piaget Piaget Piaget! I can’t emphasize it enough. Know the basic principles and demonstrations of his theory, developmental stages (no substages except for the
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