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Infant and Child Development, F07 Review Sheet, Exam 3 Basics : Material covered: Chapters 14-18, ‘Pop Culture’ course readings. As before, sections of chapters that deal explicitly with adolescence will not be covered unless the topic was covered in lecture. As before, the emphasis of the exam will be on lecture material but the text should be reviewed to obtain a deeper understanding of concepts discussed in class. 73 Multiple choice and T/F questions evenly divided among the chapters. Each question is worth (73 x 3 points) + 1 free = 220 total points. Scantrons will be provided, bring pencils with good erasers, know your RU student id# Practice questions are available for the text by logging into the McGraw Hill Online Learning Center ( ) and for the course reading by logging into PowerWeb ( ). No special permission codes are needed to access either website. See p. 2 of the course syllabus for PowerWeb instructions.
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Unformatted text preview: Key concepts to know: Piagets and Kohlbergs stages of moral development- methods of testing, what it tests (domain of moral development), universality, limitations Relation between moral reasoning and moral behavior Resistance to temptation and moral behavior Peers, parents, and cultural influences on moral development Systems Theory (know the subsystems) Baumrinds parenting styles and child outcomes Factors affecting effects of divorce Effects of maltreatment Determinants of sibling relationship quality Peer group processes: Robbers Cave study Peer statuses and child outcomes Partens levels of play Developmental changes in friendship ADHD and Autism (video can be viewed at ) Dyslexia and phonemic awareness Effects of schooling Effects of poverty and relation with ethnicity TV/media and exposure effects...
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