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lesson plan - -Distribute pretzels and Lifesavers Have the...

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1. Unit of Study/Topic Area- Learning the Letter Aa 2. Subject of Content Area- English/ Handwriting 3. Level of Instruction- Kindergarten 4. As a result of this lesson, students will learn to recognize and print both capital and lowercase A’s. 5. -Picture of Letter Aa -Chalkboard or Dry Erase Board -Markers -Pretzel sticks -Gummy Lifesavers - Paper -Pencils -Individual Bags 6. Advanced Teacher Preparation -Show students a picture of letter A . Model the correct letter formation on the board by saying “Here is your starting point. Make a mountain and then cross it in the middle.” Students mimic teacher motions with their fingers by sky-writing the letter A and saying the words as the teacher says them. -Use the same learning technique to learn the lower-case a . Say, “Make a circle. Next draw a line on the right next to the circle. Have the students sky-write their letters.
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Unformatted text preview: -Distribute pretzels and Lifesavers. Have the students use sticks and circles to form the letters. -Distribute paper. Students trace pretzel sticks and Lifesavers on paper to form the letters. They may eat their letters after being checked for correct formation. 7. Instructional Tools- Pictures of the letter. 8. Adaptations for Diverse Learners-This lesson adapts to all different types of learners. The pretzels and lifesavers are for hands-on learners. The pictures and drawing are for visual learners, and saying how to draw the letter is for audio learners. 9. Assessment--I will observe students forming letters with pretzels and lifesavers and tracing them on paper; then, observe students correctly writing them on their own....
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