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Bio Post Lab 3 - stressed. 5. 2.6/.20= x/.40 x=5.2mg/ml 6....

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Maxwell Miller October 4, 2006 Section W4 1. During the lab, biuret was used as the reagent to measure the protein. Peptide bonds are the functional group the reagent reacts with. 2. During the lab, DNS was used as the reagent to measure the amount of sugar. Carbonyl groups are the functional group that the reagent reacts with. 3. The amount of protein in urine is lower than what the normal range would be. The glucose concentration is higher that the amount found in human urine. The pH of the sample (6.3) falls into the falls into the range of a pH of 5 to 7. 4. The patient has diabetes since he has an increased level of glucose, or he maybe
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Unformatted text preview: stressed. 5. 2.6/.20= x/.40 x=5.2mg/ml 6. The study of pH levels through urine samples. 7. (Soloman, Berg, Martin, 2000) 8. (Davis, Bill, Martin, Diana. 2006. General Biology 101 Lab Manual Rutgers University Press) 9. The statement The presence of hemoglobin is determined by examining the specimens in front of a blank sheet of white paper would be found in the methods section. 10. The implications of the diagnosis for each patient would be found in the discussion section....
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