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-1 Venus was for a long time misunderstood. People believed that it was very much like Earth’s twin, but they were wrong. Venus does hold some similarities with Earth but far more differences. After the space age, Venus has become more and more understood as more information about it is found. Probes are very difficult to send to Venus to do more research. The conditions on Venus can be partly blamed by the greenhouse effect, causing the inferno. There is a greenhouse effect on Earth like there is on Venus but it is very different. Venus is closer to the sun with a much different atmosphere that makes it so much different then earth. Since both Venus and Earth are similar, it is a good idea that American continues to pay for exploration, since it could lead to more useful knowledge about Earth. Before the space age, Earth was referred to as Earth’s twin. People believed that Venus was covered in clouds, and was a jungle world.(Life) Some believed that extraterrestrial life was living on Venus, but that was proved to be wrong. As technology advanced and Venus was finally able to be viewed, scientists and people changed their views completely. When seen, Venus was a seen as a fire ball. The temperatures on Venus surpassed the melting point of lead. This all proved that Venus was not actually like Earth, and seemed to debunk the idea that there was extraterrestrial life living on it. With the new thought that Venus does not actually have extraterrestrial life living on it, people started to view Venus as a much different planet then Earth. No longer was it seen as Earth’s twin with water and plant life, but instead its closest
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venus.doc - Venus was for a long time misunderstood. People...

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