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Maxwell G. Miller February 21, 2007 Section 5 Assignment 3 1. The initial property rights associated is that by enrolling in the high school each student is granted the locker to use however they wish. 2. The student, Michelle, has leased the lockers to be used for other purposes than storing school books. She paid poor students for the use of their lockers for storage of her outfits for different times of the school day. 3. She did the poor students a favor but also took something away from them. They do now have money that they did not before hand but now do not have a place to store their books. It may not benefit the poorer students to not have a locker that they can place books and other school materials in because now they may not be
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Unformatted text preview: properly prepared for class. Also, now the students who do not have a locker must carry all of their books at the same time now so it may cause injury that they do not have a locker. The poor students did Michelle a favor by leasing their lockers to her for use other than books. It is not necessary for Michelle to use the lockers for clothes; she could have spent the money in other ways besides the lockers. 4. I agree with the author’s opinion of the acts taken by Michelle, her father and their lawyers. She took advantage of people in a worse situation then her. She used her resources to lure the poorer students into leasing their lockers....
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