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Maxwell Miller February 27, 2007 Fourth Written Assignment Section 5 EPE Open Forum Debates Smoking There are three main economic concepts discussed in this article: communal property rights, private property rights and opportunity cost. If Rutgers allows smoking in the dorm then that is an infraction on the communal rights of non-smokers in the residence halls. Private property rights play into the scenario because the smell of the smoke coming from the rooms could infiltrate surrounding rooms and cause them to smell. The cost of damage caused by smoking in the dorms on Busch campus was $4,000. If there was no smoking in the dorm there would be $0 paid due to smoking damage. The opportunity cost of banning smoking in the dorms is greater than allowing
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Unformatted text preview: smoking in the dorm. I disagree with the two students who argue for the allowance of smoking in the dorms. It causes an uncomfortable living environment for some. All students are paying for the damage that they cause to the dorms, and if smoking was banned then there would be no cost for repairing damaged dormitory items by smoking. I feel that if there was smoking allowed in the dormitories that it would deter prospective students from attending and living at Rutgers University, this may also cause students currently enrolled at Rutgers to leave the university and transfer to a different college....
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