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Fifth Assignment

Fifth Assignment - life is also greater in wealthier...

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Maxwell Miller March 28, 2007 Section 5 Economics, People & the Environment Fifth Written Assignment The argument stated by Robert Frank is that in a poorer society, there is less economic growth and moderate pollution. Poorer countries do not have much pollution to do the fact that there are not many industrial plants. In richer countries there is less pollution and more economic growth. There is less pollution due to the fact that the money put into researching is greater than that of an intermediately wealthy country. Also, Frank states that there are greater opportunities in richer countries. The quality of
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Unformatted text preview: life is also greater in wealthier countries. Though there is more industry in wealthier countries but not much pollution. I agree with his argument. There are more means to invest into the economic system for researching in economically sustained countries. It makes a lot of sense that the intermediate countries have the most pollution. The countries do not have enough money to invest into researching new ways to improve the environment and the fumes that are cased by the factories....
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