socrates - Is Socrates a Sophist Was Socrates a Sophist In...

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-1\ Is Socrates a Sophist? Was Socrates a Sophist? In my eyes absolutely not, though Socrates may have had a few Sophist characteristics I believe that most of what Socrates did and stood for was completely against Sophistry. Socrates often times was seen conversing with others to hopefully get closer to finding truth. Sophists on the other hand did not care so much to find the truth as they cared to win in an argument. Since Socrates was often seen arguing with others on human affairs he accused of being a Sophist. Socrates was also accused of being a busybody and making the weaker argument appear stronger, which is what Sophists are known for. Though his actual charges in court were impiety and corrupting the youth, Socrates believed that he also needed to defend himself against those who accused him of sophist ways. Evidence of Socrates is taken mainly from Plato’s writings since Socrates did not write a single word of philosophy. Therefore all evidence of Socrates is Secondary. While both Socrates and Sophist both had a strong interest in human affairs, Sophists believed victory was having the stronger argument while
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socrates - Is Socrates a Sophist Was Socrates a Sophist In...

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